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Lord published in paperback such books as The Jazz Discography ([Redwood, NY; Vancouver, Canada: Cadence Jazz Books; Lord Music Reference, 1992-2002], 35 volumes).
The Jazz Discography, Redwood, New York, Cadence Jazz Books
CD-ROM Reviews: 85 Years of Recorded Jazz [2000-2002, Bruyninckx and Truffandier], The Jazz Discography [version 3.
Because 70 Years can be purchased, and because it is already available at a few institutions, notably the Institute of Jazz Studies, we believe that Lord's argument against a direct comparison between 70 Years and The Jazz Discography has weakened.
The preface to The Jazz Discography gives an insufficient account of the genesis of Tom Lord's project, and much of what follows derives from private communications (detailed below in a footnote).
By his own account, on average 35-40 percent of his material comes from sources other than Bruyninckx's paperbacks for the first few volumes of The Jazz Discography.
Lord and Rusch say that The Jazz Discography did not undertake to include blues and gospel, on the understanding that Bruyninckx would be producing a separate blues and gospel paperback series.
As detailed above, Lord argues that it is unfair to compare his work to 70 Years, because The Jazz Discography is available and 70 Years is not.
Hence, rather than retreading now-familiar ground in evaluating the scope of these last two books, it seems more useful instead to give a page-by-page list of about one hundred headings, to convey a general sense of which leaders appear in which comprehensive discographies; and then to survey a few shared jazz subjects, to convey a sense of how closely Bruyninckx's 70 Years and Lord's The Jazz Discography resemble one another in the only shared area of their discographies that represents new research.
Thus the contents of Bruyninckx's 70 Years and Lord's The Jazz Discography represent new listings within a comprehensive discography.
In turn The Jazz Discography supplies information on two Japanese CDs missing from Bruyninckx: Tokyo Music Joy '90 and The Organizer (from 1991), respectively DIW 842E and DIW 821E.
and now 70 Years of Recorded Jazz, by Walter Bruyninckx, and The Jazz Discography, by Tom Lord, and it concludes with a brief overview of the field.