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TLOTexas Legislature Online
TLOThreat Level Orange
TLOTrue Living Organics (horticulture)
TLOThe Lucky One (book and film)
TLOTenant Liaison Officer (various companies; UK)
TLOTrichotillomania Learning Center (Santa Cruz, CA)
TLOThe Last Olympian (novel)
TLOTraveller Liaison Officer (UK)
TLOThe Little One
TLOThe Last One (Consultants)
TLOThematic Learning Objective
TLOTechnology Licensing Organization (Japan)
TLOTwitter Link Only (social media)
TLOTerminal Learning Objective
TLOTotal Loss Only
TLOThe Lancet Oncology (publication)
TLOTerrorism Liaison Officer
TLOTime-Limited Offer
TLOTribal Liaison Office (Afghanistan)
TLOTime and Labor Online (software)
TLOTechnical Liaison Officer
TLOTop-Level Object (object oriented programming)
TLOToulouse Les Orgues (French: The Toulouse Organs; music festival)
TLOTemporary Lay-Off
TLOTechnical Liaison Office (Telcordia)
TLOTask-Level Organization
TLOThoracolumbar Orthosis
TLOThe List Online (subscription based resource)
TLOThree Letter Organization
TLOTrain Load-Out (area where coal product is loaded onto train)
References in classic literature ?
My friends the children are responsible for this new "Oz Book," as they were for the last one, which was called The Land of Oz.
With mournful pleasure she now lingered over these images, repelling with horror only the last one, the picture of his death, which she felt she could not contemplate even in imagination at this still and mystic hour of night.
I had heard the Story Girl tell many a more dramatic tale; but that one stands out for me in memory above them all, partly, perhaps, because of the spot in which she told it, partly because it was the last one I was to hear her tell for many years--the last one she was ever to tell me on the golden road.
For the long absent ship, the outward-bounder, perhaps, has letters on board; at any rate, she will be sure to let her have some papers of a date a year or two later than the last one on her blurred and thumb-worn files.
When the last one was gone, Uncle Mark said, a little rebukingly,
At this awful sight, the last one of us sought refuge inside our caves.
293,000, foreign currency were also recovered from the various criminals during the last one month.
QUETTA: The Government of Balochistan has completed the registration over 2500 "Madrasa" during the last one year in all over Balochistan.
The report says that during the last one year, police arrested 135 dacoits, who were also wanted in connection with several heinous crimes such as murders and kidnappings for ransom, while three hardened criminals, with head money, were also held.
RAWALPINDI -- The Rawalpindi Development Authority (RDA) has been functioning without a magistrate for the last one year creating difficulties for public to move files related to different departments.
When I played and you scored a goal, you always celebrated because it might be the last one you score.
PESHAWAR -- The resident of Mohallah Jamia Masjid, Naguman demand installation of new transformer as they were without electricity from the last one month.