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Talking to the London Free Press, Williams said when it comes to social media, "context is obviously important before anybody jumps to any conclusions."
The London Free Press newspaper, citing family members, reported that Driver was shot by police after he detonated a device, wounding himself and another person.
Lloyd told the London Free Press in its July 20 edition that the OPG is working on a siteless site study--not a location, but hypothetical regions--and that's not acceptable.
"When suffering goes unacknowledged, justice cannot be said to exist," Fragiskatos told the London Free Press.
"I really need to rest because of the concussion and the stress and anxiety caused by the assault," Sharifi said"in an email to The London Free Press. "At least for a couple of days I feel like I need to have bit of space and peace," he said in response to a request to talk about the attack that left him with dizzy spells, a severe headache, a swollen cheek and welts on his forehead.
Arthur Ford, the veteran editor of the London Free Press, thought him "the best orator in the present house."
(18) Further, while the four leading African American newspapers, the Pittsburgh Courier, Afro-American, Chicago Defender, and Amsterdam News, had circulations whose combined total reached over 800,000 by the late 1940s, The Dawn was only printed eight times a year by the 1940s, and was "the only registered Negro paper in Canada" with a circulation of 5,000, according to a 1950 article in the London Free Press. (19)
The purchase including the Sun chain of dailies, consisting of The Toronto Sun, The Ottawa Sun, The Winnipeg Sun, The Calgary Sun and The Edmonton Sun, as well as The London Free Press and the free 24 Hours dailies in Toronto and Vancouver.
An informative article by Pat Currie, "London Lawyer Brought Love of Great Literature to the Courtroom," is available on the London Free Press website.
McKee appealed to the community in a Letter to the Editor, published in the London Free Press on March 14.
Smith recently went to Germany to work with producer Pat Anthony (Michael Jackson, Usher, Black Eyed Peas), received Album of the Year by the London Free Press and reached #1 on Canadian radio station Free FM 98.
That prompted another letter to their local paper, the London Free Press. "It triggered the most amazing sequence of events," says Jef.