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LGMLongmont (Amtrak station code; Longmont, CO)
LGMLast Glacial Maximum
LGMLet's Get Married
LGMLet's Go Mets (New York Mets)
LGMLittle Green Men (Astronomical: first used as the designation for pulsars)
LGMLembaga Getah Malaysia (Malay: Malaysian Rubber Board)
LGMThe Lone Gunmen (X-Files)
LGMLeadership, Governance and Management (UK)
LGMLawful General Merchandise (shipping industry)
LGMLaser Guided Missile
LGMLes Gouvernements Municipaux (French: The Municipal Governments)
LGMLogistics & Maintenance
LGMLoop Group Multiplexer
LGMLow-Grade Moron
LGMLiftgate Module (General Motors)
LGMLaser Guided Munitions
LGMLieutenant Governor for Marketing
LGMGround Launched Missile (military missile designation)
LGMLinear Gauss-Markov
LGMLinearized Green-Function Method
LGMLogistics Guidance Memorandum
LGMLocalization Group Manager
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A mysterious WikiLeaks file appears in (Richard) Langly's inbox, and, as the Lone Gunmen start to decode them, they realize the files are about events that haven't actually happened yet,'' Crilley said.
AIN the sci-fi show, The Lone Gunmen were a trio of conspiracy theorists who sometimes aided the main characters Mulder and Scully.
The second examines the murder of a computer hacker by an apparently philanthropic organization, but it is notable only for its introduction of a fourth musketeer for the Lone Gunmen, a dumb but likable and good-looking guy named Bond.
au in 2016, Haglund revealed that the Lone Gunmen almost didn't make it in to Season 10 because him.
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