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The longest journey our Saviour ever performed was from here to Jerusalem--about one hundred to one hundred and twenty miles.
The longest journey made by a patient from Leicester was 168.1 miles - a six-hour and 14 minute round trip.
"Even the longest journey begins with a single step.
When describing his project, Rees told the Chronicle: "With a working title of, 'The Longest Journey' this is a film about the passion, devotion and obsession Newcastle fans have for their club and the lengths (quite literally) many go to to show their support.
He would always say the longest journey starts with a single step.
"It was the beginning of the longest journey of my childhood.
The longest journey would be Kaliningrad to Yekaterinburg, nearly 2,000 miles and a 40hr drive or 3hr30min flight.
During 2014-2016, the longest journey length was for train journeys, averaging 20.2 miles.
Ten chapters and coda are: chasing the electric fluid; meltdown; the longest journey; a taste for roots; a possible friend; riding the high wire; terra-cotta man; sisters; the whole bag of crayons; restless earth; coda: skate away.
Residents raised the cash in six weeks after Kathleen Sharp, 64, and Mary MacKay, 73, told the Daily Record they make the longest journey in Britain for dialysis.
Trips to Bristol Rovers and Torquay United, the clubs relegated from League Two, are on Tuesday, September 9 and Saturday, October 4 respectively and the longest journey of the season, to newly-promoted Dover Athletic, is on Saturday, December 4.