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The fact is we are having to suffer crimes due to government funding of the police, and now all the low life have crawled from under their stones to commit even more crimes in all areas of the country.
Given the low life insurance penetration in Pakistan, healthy growth in gross premiums is expected to continue.
'Those casinos there have all the low life of society.'
Everything, apart from the money (which the low life stole), was still in her purse, including Holy medals and all her mementoes which she treasures.
COULD we request that the low life that keep taking the memorial vase we have placed at Thornhill Crematorium in memory of my husband's late aunt, please cease doing so, and buy one of their own, they only cost PS2.99.
JUST wanted to say thank you to the low life who decided to steal my handbag from the wall outside Cannon Park shopping centre on Saturday afternoon.
LOW LIFE: ONE MIDDLE-AGED MAN IN SEARCH OF THE POINT by Jeremy Clarke (Short Books, pounds 12.99) THE journalist has compiled some of the Low Life columns he has written for the Spectator in this new collection.
I AM writing regarding your article about the low life scum who left an injured child in the road (Mail, December 14).
TASTE OF THE LOW LIFE: Shaun Forster, left, and Daniel Young
We have every confidence the Gardai will nail the low life who committed this heinous crime.
The low life (of low lives) who committed this crime must be bought to justice and all credit to our local police force for keeping this case active.
I say let the low life crawl in the gutter where he belongs and to my brother Steve I say, keep fighting boy.