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The Roman Catholic translators of The New American Bible (1970) knew over forty years ago the truth about Isaiah 7:14b.
The New American Bible Revised Edition replaced the New American Bible, or NAB, which had been the chief Catholic translation of the Bible in the United States for more than four decades.
The New American Bible (NAB) is a popular, highly readable Roman Catholic translation used by scholars, students, Bible study groups, and in the lectionary for Mass.
The 25 percent share for the biblical association was based on a 1963 agreement and had been in effect since the New American Bible was first published in 1970.
She said those figures, published in annual reports to the bishops, include not just royalties from the New American Bible and related publications, but also from conference publications such as the United States Catholic Catechism for Adults, the National Directory for Catechesis, and various pastoral statements of the U.
The New American Bible, 1970 (unrevised) gives: "He would show his love for them to the very end.
In the New American Bible the chapters from Greek additions are assigned letters of the alphabet rather than numbers.
Conference of Catholic Bishops and the Catholic Biblical Association of America over translation royalties has drawn new attention to the New American Bible.
SCRIPTURE The Jerusalem Bible The New American Bible
The New Revised Standard Version, the Revised English Bible, the New American Bible and the New Jerusalem Bible, all translate pro multis as "for many.
I am frequently asked about inclusive language in biblical translations, and in the recent past I spent two years in committee work revising the psalms in the New American Bible.
In contrast, Roman Catholic translations of the Bible during the second half of the 20th century--the Jerusalem Bible (1966), the New Jerusalem Bible (1985) and the New American Bible (1970)--retain the wording "You shall not kill.