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TNBAThe New Batman Adventures (animated series)
TNBAThéatre National de Bordeaux En Aquitaine (French: National Theater of Bordeaux in Aquitaine)
TNBAThe National Bowling Association
TNBATamil Nadu Basketball Association (India)
TNBA5-Thio-2-Nitrobenzoic Acid
TNBATrellis NAS (Network Attached Storage) Bridge Appliance (file accessing software)
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Ubi Soft's game is based on the Emmy award- winning animated series, The New Batman Adventures, instead of the original camp TV series or the big screen attempts by Keaton and Clooney.
s Light Tracker products, the Soccer Ball, Turbine football and Midnight Hoopball set--all glow in the dark for endless, evening games; Matchbox by Mattel offers the Mega High Powered Space Station and Deep Sea Explorer and Millennium Rigs; Hasbro continues its Batman action-figure collections with the new Batman Adventures along with the new Pokemon toy craze, which is sweeping the country.