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Upon consideration of the earliest historical references to the location of the North West Company fort at Edmonton, there are two notable descriptions.
The Fraser and Mackenzie rivers were named after the famous Scots who, encouraged by the North West Company, explored their lengths.
But with the destruction of the North West Company fort in the War of 1812, the merger of the North West Company with the Hudson's Bay Company and the end of the fur trade in the 19th century, the land fell into disuse.
This move brought them into direct competition with the North West Company. Until the early 19th century, the fortunes of the Hudson's Bay Company and North West Company had collided solely in the account books, but their destinies were to become far more entwined.
Suddenly Fort Astoria was vulnerable to roving British ships and pressure from the North West Company. The partners staffing the fort feared that at any time an English ship might enter the bay and seize the fort as a prize of war.
Tim Hortons has partnered with the North West Company and will set up a kiosk in each location, running its bakery out of the general store.
Located just downriver of the North West Company's Fort Gibraltar, it was the site of several battles between the two rival companies.
There are also photographic reproductions of manuscript pages prefacing each of the four larger divisions of the text and, reflecting the text's two halves, two maps: one showing the routes of the journeys that Thompson took for the Hudson's Bay Company and the other showing those that he took for the North West Company. On the verso of the half-title page is a photographic reproduction of Thompson's "Map of the North West Territory of the Province of Canada" from Archives of Ontario, and, following the index, there are photographic reproductions of five sections of the National Archives of London copy of the same map; the sections are keyed to a map showing from which part of the whole they are taken--although Moreau does not explain why he chose these sections.
That's according to Ener-g, the North West company commissioned by National Museums Liverpool (NML) to install the combined heat and power system.
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The author details relations between the North West Company, the Hudson's Bay Company, and First Nations communities; describes the difficulties in conducting the fur trade; and discusses the impact of the mid-19th-century gold rushes, among other topics, all within the main themes of survival and cooperation.