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TQATranslation Quality Assessment
TQATasmanian Qualifications Authority (Australia)
TQATeaching Quality Assessment (UK education)
TQATelephone Questionnaire Assistance (US Census Bureau)
TQATotal Quality Assurance
TQATrucker Quality Assurance
TQATransport Quality Assurance (swine transportation)
TQAThrottle Quadrant Assembly (Woodward)
TQAThe Quality Advantage
TQATechnical Quality Assurance (various organizations)
TQATrades Qualification and Apprenticeship Act (Canada)
TQATraining Quality Assurance
TQATotal Quality Assessment
TQAToyota Quality Alliance
TQATesting and Quality Analysis (software development)
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That is, the double advantage of quality plus expectations is relatively likely to be drastic even after the quality advantage is reduced by moderate spillovers.
SCAA's 1997 conference curriculum features seminars on all of these essential topics including, "What the Wholesale Roaster Should do for the Retailer," by Timothy Tulloch; "The Quality Advantage Using the SCAA Roast Color Classification System," by Victor Allen Mondry; "Pollution Control for Roasters," by Michael Sivetz; and "Quality Control and the Art of Roasting," a panel discussion led by Lindsey Bolger.
In this survey, it was found that the quality advantage of Japanese designed cars was the same regardless of whether the cars were built in Japan or in U.S.
What CVS presents to its customers with this launch is "not so much the exclusivity benefits of a house brand as the quality advantages of a prestige beauty brand," says Chris Bodine, CVS' executive vice president of merchandising and marketing.
UV inks have added to the quality advantages of flexo.
We could point not only to the economic advantages of the T1 but the quality advantages," he says.
What we're offering our customers is not so much the exclusivity benefits of a house brand as the quality advantages of a prestige beauty brand."
Also, while the small bubbles are sufficient to stimulate the proper stirring action in the bath, the larger bubbles and rougher motion caused by inordinately high gas pressure disturbs the slag cover, breaks it up and causes the slag to fold back into the bath - defeating the quality advantages of ladle stirring.