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Oh, and the stronger dollar would also mean much bigger trade deficits a consequence of tax cuts that Republicans, strange to say, haven't advertised, even though the same thing happened during the Reagan years.
In Loving Nature, Fearing the State, Brian Drake examines this passage, arguing that the rise and development of American environmentalism in the postwar years was entangled with classical conservative political values--particularly antistatist views about big government and laissez-faire capitalism--that created complex ideological, political, and environmental amalgamations, which proved difficult to maintain as the conservative wing of the Republican Party rose to dominance in the Reagan years.
The annual special began in the Reagan years, a concert featuring various musical acts (famous and non-famous) and pre-taped segments with the First Family, hosted by one celebrity ((http://debbyboone.
This account provides his memoir of his experiences in that role, and uses anecdotes and stories to blend with history and descriptions of his experiences in that department during the Reagan years.
Bush, and who decided to vacate his plush White House position to become a deputy assistant secretary of the Navy in 1983, and "Inside Reagan's Navy: The Pentagon Journals" follows his experiences and encounters with the Pentagon during the Reagan years.
Never mind that Reagan's steps toward acquiring redwood forests prepared the way for a large expansion of Redwood National Park after he left office, again leading Cannon to comment that "several of the taller, old-growth redwoods that are now stellar attractions in the nation park probably would have become desks or picnic tables had they not been saved in the Reagan years.
Kengor professor of political science at Grove City College and author of God and Ronald Reagan and Ronald Reagan and the Fall of Communism and Clark's cousin Doerner who taught at the University of California Santa Barbara and Cal State University have opened an interesting window into the Reagan years.
Bret Easton Ellis takes us on a journey into the dark heart of the American Dream with a drama exploring the excesses of the Reagan years.
By the end of the Reagan years, "the question was no longer being asked whether capitalism could survive" (p.
Eugene Steuerle, a Treasury official in the Reagan years who is now at the Urban Institute, often points out that, "the problem is process, not policy.
He considers the enigmas and the certainties of the Reagan years, the thousand points of light of George H.
They are just repeating the hatreds they cultivated in the 1960s, and during the Reagan years, and during the Florida imbroglio.