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TSBnTransportation Support Battalion (US Marine Corps; US DoD)
TSBnThe Small Business Network (Pennsylvania)
TSBnThe Satellite Bingo Network (Alberta, Canada)
TSBnTree-Structured Belief Network
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Built-in website filtering blocks access to malicious websites to protect the small business network from online threats, as well as inappropriate or non-compliant websites," said the firm.
Alt Valley Business Network is the small business network set up by Alt Valley Trust.
The research, carried out by the small business network Ingenious Britain, also found 10 per cent of the 1000 small business owners in Scotland who were questioned said independence would have no impact on their firm.
The Small Business Network "Powered by PC Mall" launched Fall 2009 as a new web-based social network targeting small business owners, senior management, and information technology executives.
"Our sales offices in both SBS Centers made it possible for us to tap into the small business network at the centers," said Alexander.