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Lawrence's Institutional Strategy and Assessment Committee, or ISAC, undertook a two-year comprehensive study of student experience and focused its attention on the sophomore year experience.
Qualified students were accepted into the joint nursing program in the sophomore year. The sophomore year of nursing was offered on the GSC campus, using the WVU nursing curriculum and was initially taught by WVU faculty.
The tool, launched in 2009 to test students at the beginning of their freshman year and again at the end of the sophomore year, measures progress in critical thinking skills, complex reasoning, and writing.
But the curriculum didn't meet students' needs; most students in the pre-algebra track failed the graduation exam typically taken in the sophomore year. Only 5 percent of students in the pre-algebra track passed the math section of the exam in 2002.
The majority of dropouts occur during the transition from the freshman to the sophomore year, Watford said.
One of the College Network programs funds 450 students beginning in the sophomore year of high school.
The first chapter, authored by the volume's editors, introduces the following papers and is titled, "What Is the Sophomore Slump and Why Should We Care?" The next eight chapters are: (1) "Meeting the Challenges of the Sophomore Year" (Michael Boivin, Gwen A.
In college, we would expect the normal curve to be rather precisely followed during the freshman year, with slight negative skew in the sophomore year, and even greater skewness in the junior and senior years.
By gathering information by the beginning of the sophomore year, students will be able to do more thorough research and be better advised about the opportunities at the college of their choice.
(One proviso: For some majors, such as many of the hard sciences, completion of certain core courses during the freshman year is essential for graduation in four years, Students who declare or change majors after the beginning of the sophomore year are not guaranteed graduation with four years of study).