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When I went out, and saw the busy crowds hurrying about the streets; or to the theatre, and heard the sound of music, and beheld the people dancing, I felt such glee, that I could have rushed among them, and torn them to pieces limb from limb, and howled in transport.
He had reached the neutral ground upon the outskirts of the town, which was neither town nor country, and yet was either spoiled, when his ears were invaded by the sound of music. The clashing and banging band attached to the horse-riding establishment, which had there set up its rest in a wooden pavilion, was in full bray.
But as she was very good-natured, and said, 'Come with me; I'll soon find Miss Dorrit for you,' Miss Dorrit's sister went with her, drawing nearer and nearer at every step she took in the darkness to the sound of music and the sound of dancing feet.
And it has all been to you no more than the sound of music. It has not marred you.
Now when the people in the town and palace heard music coming from the tower they were filled with amazement, and came to the King with the news that witchcraft must be going on in Martin's Tower, for, instead of dying of starvation, he was seemingly making merry to the sound of music, and to the clatter of plates, and glass, and knives and forks; and the music was so enchantingly sweet that all the passers-by stood still to listen to it.
From the apartments on the ground-floor might be heard the sound of music, with the whirl of the waltz and galop, while brilliant streams of light shone through the openings of the Venetian blinds.
One house in a back street was bright with the cheerful glare of lights; there was the sound of music in it too, and the tread of dancers, and there were cheerful voices, and many a burst of laughter.
Alison Williams, chair of the society, said "We began rehearsals for The Sound Of Music back in March and so we are all really excited to be bringing this fantastic show before an audience.
The traveling theatrical troupe will be in the metro to do two performances of The Sound of Music at Oklahoma City Community College on Nov.
[USA], Dec 26 ( ANI ): Actress Heather Menzies-Urich, famously known as Louisa von Trapp from the 1965 classic 'The Sound of Music', died on the Christmas eve in Frankford, Ontario.
Ted Chapin, the president of the Rodgers and Hammerstein Organization, said in a statement: "Heather was part of 'the family.' There is really no other way to describe the members of the cast of the movie of 'The Sound of Music. Heather was a cheerful and positive member of the group, always hoping for the next gathering.