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TSOSThe Sounds of Silence
TSOSTime Sharing Operating System
TSOSTime-Sharing Operating System
TSOSTexas Society of Sculptors (Austin, TX)
TSOSTraffic Signal Operations Specialist (certification by the Transportation Professional Certification Board, Inc.)
TSOSThe Sea of Storms (role-playing game)
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The loud whirring of desktop PCs could soon be replaced by the sounds of silence, thanks to Gateway.
Despite record-mogul fear mongering about the sounds of silence that will descend if they can't sell you $18 CDs, you can't tell me people won't still perform music--and even reproduce it in forms that people might be able to pirate--merely because they won't be able to make a healthy living at it.
I am surprised at how sensual the desert is here as we hike a trail called the Sounds of Silence. The light is clearer, the landscape's earth tones more intense.
The Sounds of Silence: The Gender-Based Experiences of Women in Intercollegiate Forensics.