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The lawsuit alleges that in 2004 he gave the owners of the Texas company permission to make a small modification to the car's user manual, and they acknowledged that DeLorean owned the intellectual property.
At that time, the lawsuit contends, the Texas company was a ''small forum'' where DeLorean enthusiasts could buy or sell parts or exchange information.
Had such a requirement been in place during the Goldschmidt/Texas Pacific dealings, other state investment officials would have been aware of the potential conflict-of-interest situation, and they may not have expanded the state's investment in the Texas company, Walker said.
Between running the Texas company and maintaining ties with Ballet Met as artistic associate and with The Australian Ballet as resident choreographer, he will have a lot on his plate.
The Texas company has three other Tetley ballets in their repertory: Praeludium (1978), Daphnis and Chloe (1975), and Rite of Spring (1974).
The Texas company, which makes piping and casing for both oil and gas transport and drilling, said it will construct a 350,000 square foot plant.
The Pacoima firm fired off its own press release, saying Millennia's announcement was wrong: The Texas company had been negotiating for 51 percent ownership not the full ownership it announced it wanted Tuesday; and Millennia had misstated Zegarelli's 1997 earnings.