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TTSText To Speech
TTSTeka Teki Silang (Indonesia crossword)
TTSTabletop Simulator (gaming)
TTSThe Transplantation Society (Canada)
TTSTelephone Technical Support
TTSTransactional Tracking System
TTSTool Tip Style
TTSTicker Tape Server
TTSTemip Tcl Scripting
TTSTime to Send
TTSTwo Tier Scheduling
TTSThru Tubing Solutions (Oklahoma City, OK)
TTSTemporary Threshold Shift (hearing)
TTSTime to Stabilization
TTSTeacher Training School
TTSTrue to Size (merchandise fitting)
TTSTenure Track System (various locations)
TTSTransdermal Therapeutic System
TTSTelegraphic Transfer Selling (currency rate)
TTSTwin Transfusion Syndrome (medical)
TTSTransaction Tracking System
TTSTotal Technical Support (various companies)
TTSTravel Time System (various locations)
TTSTrinity Theological Seminary (various organizations)
TTSTime to Sleep
TTSThrough the Stargate (gaming)
TTSTable Top System
TTSTrouble Ticketing System
TTSTotal Training Solutions
TTSTransmission Test Set
TTSThe Thespian Society (Philippine Normal University)
TTSThe Transit System (Texas)
TTSTransportation Technical Services (est. 2003)
TTSThrough-The-Scope (esophageal balloon dilator)
TTSTime to Service
TTSTaipei Trade Shows (Taiwan)
TTSTotal Technology Solution (software)
TTSTask Tracking System
TTSTechnology Transfer Society
TTSTargeting-Tracking System (gaming)
TTSTracked Transit System
TTSTravel to Scanplane (MRI scans)
TTSTimed Transition System
TTSTest Technology Symposium
TTSTank Thermal Sights
TTSTrouble Tracking System (Hekimian)
TTSTechnical Training Squadron (USAF)
TTSTrue Total Sulfur
TTSThermo Time Switch
TTSTechnical Training Specialist
TTSTactical Training Strategy
TTSTransition to Support
TTSTilt Tray Sorter (baggage handling systems)
TTSTemporary Technical Services, Inc.
TTSTime Temperature Superpositioning
TTSTraining the Street, Inc (New York, NY financial instruction)
TTSTransistor-Transistor Logic, Schottky Barrier
TTSTemperature Test Set
TTSTactical Training Simulator (US DoD)
TTSTechnical Test Specification
TTSTransition to Supervision
TTSTIRKS Table System (Alcatel)
TTSTask Transfer Sheet
TTSTarget Tug Squadron
TTSTransparent Touch Screen
TTSTelemetry Test Simulator
TTSTorrance Transit System (California)
TTSTimber Stringer- Timber Deck (engineering)
TTSTriple Transient Suppression
TTSTotal Travel Service, Inc.
TTSTertiary Trauma Survey (medical examination)
TTSTrunk Traffic Simulator
TTSTape Tracking System
TTSToeristiek Travel Search (tourism; Netherlands and Belgium)
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Part of the study, Lidasan said, was to analyze the 'traffic-generating land use of the province,' which will guide the network of stations in the transit system.
If transit investment is sustained at those levels, overall transit system conditions are expected to decline over the next 20 years, thus increasing the transit system preservation backlog from an estimated $89.8 billion to $122 billion.
"But even though we think of it as dirty, the transit system has only the kind of microbes you run into shaking people's hands."
The snowfall sparked long delays and repeated shutdown of portions of the transit system. The Obama administration has authorized disaster aid for a late January blizzard that forced a closure of the MBTA.
When a bus is in a virtual detection zone, the transit system sends a signal priority request to the Siemens i2 traffic management system.
TIR would be less costly and more secure than the transit system currently in force in the EU ( T system').
The transit system would commence in phases and will include retail and commercial facilities, shopping malls, parking facilities, hotel business conferences, and beach resorts.
Depending on the risk level, the transit system would be required to conduct a terrorism vulnerability assessment and submit a security plan to address any threats.
"Ideally," he told the Times, "people wouldn't carry any backpacks or bulky packages on the transit system." But even a bag-free subway would be vulnerable to terrorists with explosives strapped to their bodies.
The attacks on London had been predicted, and no one was in doubt as to the attractiveness of the transit system as a target.
North Carolina's Charlotte Area Transit System (CATS) introduced late last week two new hybrid electric buses, which began operating as part of the transit system fleet on Monday.
The sabotage had reportedly occurred when tram cars used in the so-called "T-bane" subway and above-ground service had been parked at the transit system's repair yard.
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