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ORW Architecture will continue to do high-quality work for clients while striving to enlighten them and other members of the public about the value of architecture.
Academy are crucial to facilitating discourse around the value of architecture - both historical and modern - and helping to educate the next generation.
When you talk about luxury buildings or museum extensions or whatever, you often talk about the value of architecture in a really abstract way: It's beautiful, it adds some sort of landmark to the city, it occupies the space of art.
We believe that we are in a period where many question the value of architecture," they write.
We are thrilled we have given so many young people an opportunity to learn more about the value of architecture and the built environment.
They will contribute to an overall program of societal awareness relating to the value of architecture and design by conducting public lectures and workshops while engaging various stakeholders in the local professional community as well as the public.
While its primary focus was to explain the value of architecture at the enterprise as well as systems level, it was also intended to demystify the process of architecting.