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In addition to The Cook Political Report, Cook is a weekly contributor to National Journal magazine and National Journal Daily, and he authors regular columns for The Washington Quarterly as well.
Pant, "The Pakistan Thorn in ChinaIndiaUS Relations", The Washington Quarterly 35:1 (2012): 83-86.
He is also member of the International Institute for Strategic Studies (IISS), Member of Editorial Board, The Washington Quarterly, Member of Editorial Board, Survival, Member, Global Agenda Council on International Security, World economic Forum (WEF) Member Policy Board, and foundation Terra Nova.
Mazarr, a professor at the National Defense University, in a recent article in The Washington Quarterly. He noted a Pew Research Center poll that found the percentage of Americans who think the country should "mind its own business internationally" had jumped from 30 percent in 2002 to 49 percent in 2009.
THE SOURCE: "Iran's Declining Influence in Iraq by Babak Rahimi, in The Washington Quarterly, Winter 2012.
Taking the 25 readings from such sources as National Geographic, The Nation, Fortune, The Mother Earth News, and The Washington Quarterly, the volume addresses climate change, traditional energy sources and their drawbacks; the costs and benefits of ethanol and biodiesel; solar and wind power possibilities; hopes for hydrogen power; the viability of hydroelectric and wave power; and geothermal energy.
"Zarqawi's death may actually strengthen the negotiating position of jihadists dedicated to attacking the US homeland," writes Fishman in an article in the current issue of The Washington Quarterly.A*Christian Science MonitorIraq war draws foreign jihadists, but not in droves
Battle for Hearts and Minds is a wide-ranging and readable collection of articles previously published in the Washington Quarterly. Focusing on nonmilitary responses to terror, Lennon arranges the articles into five broad sections: the role and limits of military power; questions of state failure and nation building; strategies of postconflict reconstruction; the challenge of public diplomacy; and the future of foreign assistance.
(13.) Francois Heisbourg, "A Work in Progress: The Bush Doctrine and Its Consequences," The Washington Quarterly, 26 (Spring 2003), 75-88.
Weinstein was university professor and professor of history at Boston University (1985-1989), professor at Georgetown University (1981-1984), and, from 1981 to 1983, he was executive editor of The Washington Quarterly at Georgetown's Center for Strategic and International Studies.
Windsor, Jennifer (2003) "Promoting Democratization Can Combat Terrorism," The Washington Quarterly, Vol.
"The IMP and World Bank: Time to Merge," The Washington Quarterly, Vol.