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Or this one, which elaborates on the novel's title: "They say that when the world ends, the World Book Encyclopedia will remain intact, and that its twenty-two gold-edged volumes will replace the world.
The 22 volumes of The World Book Encyclopedia include expanded coverage of both the Democratic and Republican parties, as well as new entries on presidential hopefuls Rudolph Giuliani and Mitt Romney, which join existing biographies of other candidates.
Using the World Book encyclopedia to look up infantry, tank, and World War I and find the answers to 3-6 questions on each subject.
The World Book Encyclopedia (1972), Chicago: Field Enterprises Educational Corporation, Volume 20, 222.
This article describes the process by which the print version of The World Book Encyclopedia was initially converted to electronic form and then enhanced over several subsequent editions.
What do the World Book Encyclopedia, the latest upgrade from Microsoft, National Equirer and the Land's End fall catalog all have in common?
Renowned for its exhaustive coverage and authoritative but accessible entries, the World Book encyclopedia remains an outstanding resource, so engaging that readers of all levels find it hard to put down.
You could check out the World Book Encyclopedia and discover that we're "The Beaver State," that the Western meadowlark is the state bird, the Oregon grape is the state flower and the Douglas fir is the state tree, but you already knew all that, didn't you?
has announced an enhancement to its online version of the World Book Encyclopedia.
Brain Quest also has the option to extend students' learning by providing a direct link to the World Book Encyclopedia, and provides an article related to the question being asked.