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TBOAPWThe Best of All Possible Worlds
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It remained as a goblin football, as a hint that all is not for the best in the best of all possible worlds, and that beneath these superstructures of wealth and art there wanders an ill-fed boy, who has recovered his umbrella indeed, but who has left no address behind him, and no name.
The Best of all Possible Worlds will be performed on a tabletop stage and has been created with a deaf and hearing-impaired audience in mind.
It will be of no avail to show how we are misled about the world's overall value, by whatever standards we make this the best of all possible worlds, if those are not the standards that give us such a powerful impression of the world's improvability.
Why is capitalism still widely regarded as tolerable, if not 'the best of all possible worlds', despite its corrosive effects on social life, the unequal distribution of its fruits and its manifest instability?
An heir to Herbert Spencer and the sorry legacy of Social Darwinism, she fancies herself a hard-nosed realist, but in fact she believes in a fantasy: that ours is the best of all possible worlds, a meritocracy where a rising tide floats all boats, wealth comes to those who work hard and the dispossessed get what they deserve.
THE story: In The Best of All Possible Worlds, Grace Delarua comes to grips with the devastation of Sadira and the scattering of its inhabitants.
The best of all decisions in the best of all possible worlds: how good would that be?
In the best of all possible worlds I was going to be five minutes late.
There is a Candide-like quality to some of Burke's appeals to the genius of established society and the sacredness of private property as somehow being the best of all possible worlds: this was, after all, an era of deep political corruption, rotten parliamentary boroughs, and entrenched aristocratic power.
Having football professionals at this club, strong Edinburgh expertise and the partnership with the fans gives us the best of all possible worlds. And it keeps the assets, the stadium and the club together as well."
We have the best of all possible worlds. The state can achieve the same ends by limiting the space of the artist or their products by killing, detaining, and exiling the artist, or by censorship.
A good start would have been using yesterday's conference speech to acknowledge that independence will bring challenges and disadvantages as well asopportunitiesandpositives.Although the SNP's rhetoric has become more measured in recent months, all too often Salmond et al give the impression that independence would offer Scots the best of all possible worlds.