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TACSTrauma and Acute Care Surgery
TACSTechnology and Communication Systems
TACSTotal Access Communication System
TACSTechnical Assistance and Consulting Services (various organizations)
TACSTemperature-Aware Computer Systems
TACSTactical Air Control System
TACSTheater Air Control System
TACSTheoretical Aspects of Computer Software (Conference)
TACSTheory and Applications of Computational Science (International Conference)
TACSTime and Attendance Collection System (US Postal Service)
TACSTiles and Architectural Ceramics Society (UK)
TACSTactical Air Control Squadron
TACSTotal Anterior Circulation Syndrome (medical)
TACSTracking and Control Station
TACSTotal Access Cellular System
TACSTime and Attendance Control System
TACSTactical Auxiliary Crane Ship
TACSTactical Air Command System
TACSTheater Army Communications System
TACSTechnical Assignment Control System
TACSTactical Acoustic Communications System
TACSTransportable Atmospheric Characterization Station
TACSTraining Analysis and Computer Systems
TACSTexaco Advanced Control System
TACSTurbine Auxiliaries Cooling System (US NRC)
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23) The CAOC weapons system, as part of the theater air control system, "provides operational-level C2 [command and control] of air and space forces" capable of coordinating thousands of sorties per day.
updates the discussion of the theater air control system, including deletions of the terms airborne battlefield command and control center and control and reporting element; adds a discussion on the airborne command element, the air mobility liaison officer, the expeditionary operations center and the regional air movement control center (RAMCC); updates the discussion of the airborne warning and control system and data links used for airspace control .
The systems are designed to protect AN/TPS-75 radar systems, which are part of the USAF Theater Air Control System.
When personnel or equipment issues cause centralized execution to tie up assets that could produce better effects by allowing the theater air control system (TACS) to run its course, one should avoid centralized execution.
Air support operations center is "the principal air control agency of the theater air control system responsible for the direction and control of air operations directly supporting the ground combat element.
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