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TVDThe Vampire Diaries (TV and book series)
TVDThe Vinyl District (music)
TVDTuvalu Dollar (ISO currency code)
TVDTotal Virus Defense
TVDTrace Vector Decoder
TVDTv Device
TVDTrue Vertical Depth (oil drilling)
TVDTrans Video Deutschland (Renningen, Germany)
TVDTotal Virus Defense (McAfee)
TVDTricuspid Valve Dysplasia
TVDTheater of Military Operations
TVDThe Vampire Don
TVDThe Virgin Dolls (band)
TVDTelevision Display Unit
TVDTotal Vehicle Distance
TVDTransformable Variable Design (building process)
TVDTemporary Visual Display
TVDTime-Variant Distortion
TVDTechnical Variance Document (US Navy)
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SSG II picked up where SSG I had left off, focusing on NATO's southern flank (the USSR's Southwestern Theater of Military Operations) and Northeast Asia (the Soviet Far East Theater) in the way that the first SSG had focused on the NATO northern and Soviet Northwestern theaters.
Space will eventually become a prime theater of military operations, as a launching point and as a target.
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