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That night on the South Side the explosion of records in an anti-disco rally was just a step off the Lunar Module, a preview of the absurd, melding theater of the mind and madness of the masses.
"Radio is the theater of the mind because you're really creating and that's what I really want to be happening," said Lauren Hutchinson, co-creator of Pilgrim.
Howard still rails against society's hypocrisy, especially when he discloses how his radio show was fined by the FCC (Federal Communications Commision) for featuring a guest who would play the piano with his penis ('It was theater of the mind,' he reasons).
The Assembled Parties is a "theater of the mind" audiobook of a full-cast performance of an award-winning play.
The new medium, as comedian Steve Allen famously put it, was the theater of the mind, and it needed performers who could invoke an entire world with a slight shift in tone or a subtle change of diction.
It's theater of the mind, and most of the time, it doesn't occur to us that this bozo is sleeping peacefully, blissfully unaware that we are bent out of shape.
"Second Wind" is an original novel that presents its author, Lori Davis, as a skilled storyteller who is able to weave a complex tale of equally complex characters into a fascinating, entertaining, and highly recommended 'theater of the mind' event for its enthusiastic and appreciative readers.
Un ejemplo: Theater of the Mind, de Ludacris, es una produccion peripatetica que satisface los requisitos para convertirse en un elepe comercial inmediato.
Contra Catherine Gallagher, Tomlinson argues that Cavendish's theater of the mind is all about self-projection, not merely "self-withdrawal" (176), and so is enabling to female performances of all kinds.
It's a name that prompts a variety of images, which is why it was a perfect home for a radio station that relied on theater of the mind.
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