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Sendo assim, podemos concluir que a relacao entre orquestra, com seu espaco extenso, e o theatron implica especificidades da construcao da peca.
Para o sociologo Robert Nisbet, e revelador que a palavra theoria provenha da mesma raiz grega que a palavra theatron.
Perhaps, this provides some insight into whether Greek tragedy functioned in a similar fashion for its original audience and offered a dramatic mirror to the realities of war facing the spectators seated in the theatron at the Sanctuary of Dionysos in Athens.
In WT, the desire she embodies circulates like poison binding all the personae together as the spectacle in the theatron ("viewing place") of Dionysus united Athenians in seeing (idein) tragedies of possession, displacement and dissolution of identity into the mask, of life into the image and, then, the collapse of images and gods into human wreckage and social ruin.
Si theatron (en griego) reenvia a la idea de mirador, la raiz compartida con el verbo theaomai remite al ver aparecer: el teatro en tanto acontecimiento es un mirador en el que se ven aparecer entes poeticos efimeros, de entidad compleja.
Two of those projects were selected to continue on to later phases: Les convives de la maison Sapezo, from Cote d'Ivoire's CRESAS, uniting writer Kouaho Liazere, director De Sales Obou Vagba and designer Jocelyn Kone; and, from Haiti's Compagnie Theatron, Les Incessants by Guy junior Regis, workshopped with director Patrick Joseph and designer Geraldine Trubert.
Theatron became a trendy place, and local stars used to present shows for the very motley crowd.
A good example is the King's College Visnalisation Lab project, Theatron 3, discussed in Joff Chafer and Mark Childs, "The Impact of the Characteristics of a Virtual Environment on Performance: Concepts, Constraints and Complications.
Whether you want to visualise a theatre destroyed thousands of years ago, or one you are planning to start building next week, Martin Blazeby and Drew Baker, alias Theatron, can do it for you.
79), into an idle aesthete who turns his back on physical and intellectual labor to take his seat in the theatron and abandon himself to the allurements of pleasure:
Previous work, under the Theatron project led by Dr Beacham, has included using 3D computer graphics to digitally reconstruct Rome's first stone theatre, built by and named after the general Pompey the Great.