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TCNNTheological College of Northern Nigeria (est. 1958; Bukuru, Nigeria)
TCNNTechnologie Centrum Noord Nederland (Dutch: Technology Center Northern Netherlands; Groningen, Netherlands)
TCNNTransiently Chaotic Neural Network
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Mark Thomsen had already become involved in Christian-Muslim relationships while serving with the ALC as a theological instructor at the Theological College of Northern Nigeria from 1957 to 1966.
Concerning Africa's religious context the Theological College of Northern Nigeria (in conjunction with the University of Jos), for example, has courses which aspire to address the religious context in Africa, such as African Church History, Nigerian Church History, Theology of the Holy Spirit for an African Context, African Traditional Religion in Nigeria, Ethics in the West African Context, etc.
I was principal of a vernacular pastors' school in 1963 and field supervisor of the EUB Nigeria work when Boer first asked me to j oin him on the faculty of the new Theological College of Northern Nigeria (TCNN).
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