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TSAMTechnical Support Account Manager (customer relationships)
TSAMThe Summit for Asset Management (various locations)
TSAMToyota South Africa Motors (Pty) Ltd.
TSAMTivoli Service Automation Manager (IBM)
TSAMThere's Something about Mary (movie)
TSAMTechnology Solutions for Asset Management (London, UK)
TSAMTexas San Antonio Mission
TSAMTraining Surface to Air Missile
TSAMTheater Surface-to-Air Missile
TSAMTomahawk Surface Attack Missile
TSAMTraining System Automation Management
TSAMTransport Services Access Method
TSAMTrident Support Activity, Mechanicsburg
TSAMTechnology Strategy for Asset Managers (conference)
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The There's Something About Mary star, 43, slipped in her high heels as she got into a car after a night out at The Nice Guy in LA.
Now 42, Diaz still has a model figure and remains a brave actress having pioneered this switch to a more adult brand of humour in There's Something About Mary (1998).
He also directed Jim Carrey in The Cable Guy, but got his big acting break in 1998's There's Something About Mary.
Ever since he won us all over in There's Something About Mary all those years ago, it's pretty much a given that audiences will always love the type of character he brings to the big screen.
THERE'S SOMETHING ABOUT MARY FILM 4, 9pm Ben Stiller plays high school geek Ted, invited to the prom by the gorgeous Mary (Cameron Diaz).
Was it: a) There's Something About Mary b) There's Something About Maurice or c) There's Something About Martha?
8470739) There's Something About Mary (1998), Film4, 9.
If you thought Dumb And Dumber or There's Something About Mary plumbed the depths of grossness, hold on to your lunch, you ain't seen nothing yet.
And the star of There's Something About Mary seemed keen to show her former toyboy Justin, 26, what he was missing as she flaunted her washboard tum.
and his colleagues recorded the smoking habits of the five main characters in each of 447 movies made during the 1990s, including such hits as Independence Day and There's Something about Mary.
The Orlando Sentinel's widely syndicated Kathleen Parker didn't hesitate to collar the real culprits: the sibling auteurs behind the gross-out comedy There's Something About Mary.
THIS is a perfectly decent film from the Farrelly Brothers, who brought you There's Something About Mary and Kingpin.
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