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TVACTokyo Voluntary Action Center (est. 1981; Tokyo, Japan)
TVACThink Vantage Access Connections
TVACThermal Vacuum
TVACToronto Video Activist Collective (Canada)
TVACThalidomide Victims Association of Canada (est. 1987)
TVACTeaneck Volunteer Ambulance Corps (Teaneck, NJ)
TVACTelevision Area Correlation
TVACTaxe sur la Valeur Ajoutée Comprise
TVACThe Vast Atlantic Company Inc. (Canada)
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We show that thermal vacuum states and vacuum condensate of fields in curved space can be interpreted as components of the dark matter.
Thermal vacuum chambers such as the Simles facility in Toulouse are designed to expose complete vehicles, including spacecraft and satellites, as well as subsystems and components, to an environment that represents the conditions of space flight.
An alternative to solvent extraction is thermal vacuum bake-out, or TVB.
Air Force's Global Positioning System III (GPS III) navigation payload element for the non-flight satellite testbed, and shipped the pathfinder unit to prime contractor Lockheed Martin's facility near Denver, Colo., for thermal vacuum testing and space vehicle integration.
Tests included vibration testing, acoustic testing, thermal testing, thermal vacuum testing, a shock test and mass measurement.
It underwent vibration, acoustic, thermal, thermal vacuum, shock and mass measurement tests.
The next series of tests will include thermal vacuum qualifications, which exposes the Sbirs birds to temperatures higher than those expected during its operational lifetime.
The Stainless Steel Thermal Vacuum Cooking Pot uses vacuum insulation to the fullest.
Giving him the benefit of the doubt, I have to think this was not deliberate obfuscation since I'm sure he knows that some parts of the facility, including the world's largest thermal vacuum chamber and a hypersonic wind tunnel, are still very much in business (verifiable by visiting the Web site facilities/plumbrook.html).
Mr Eades said the company will add to its agreement with Kingspan Solar Thermal, which manufactures Thermomax solar thermal vacuum tubes, used to produce hot water, at its Blackwood base.
Mr Eades said the company would add to its agreement with Kingspan Solar Thermal, which manufactures Thermomax solar thermal vacuum tubes at its Blackwood base.
As a result, some of the experiments could not be carried out which raised questions on whether the pre-launch thermal vacuum test done on the spacecraft at the ISRO Satellite Centre in Bangalore was adequate.