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TGKTurner Guilford Knight (correctional center; Miami, FL)
TGKTiffany Glas Kunst (German: Tiffany Glass Art)
TGKThese Guys Know (Web forum)
TGKToyo Giant Tire Co., Ltd. (Japan)
TGKThe Golden Knights
TGKThe Games Kitchen (mobile gaming site)
TGKThe Gift of Knowledge (Bergen County Academies; New Jersey)
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I vow to never let this pass, and I know these guys know better because they get it right other times.
Advertising in all of Florida's hottest home magazines & the Yellow Book, these guys know how to do it.
These guys know how to kick ass, and in fact remain one of the few undefeated Indian tribes in North America, despite the best efforts of the English and Spanish.
The film probably won't be finished until winter of 2007, so you still have a chance to let these guys know what your winery is doing to reach out to young adults.
Do these guys know what that means or do they just play for the sake of it?
No, this is not the most exciting music in the world, but it is hard to listen to without tapping your toes or snapping your fingers after a while -- these guys know how to swing, and in this recording, they sound as though they are having a ball.
In my first installment addressing physician payment reform, ("Do These Guys Know Why They're Applauding," 16(2):25-26, March-April 1990), I questioned the rationality and fairness of the resource-based relative value scale (RBRVS) and suggested that it the potential to lower primary care physician income while not reducing the income of more procedurally oriented specialties.
I know what I'm capable of doing and these guys know what I'm capable of.
These guys know their dogs; they watch them carefully and talk to them individually.