THFCTottenham Hotspur Football Club (London Soccer Team)
THFCThe Housing Finance Corporation (UK)
THFCThe Hearing Foundation of Canada (Toronto, Ontario, Canada)
THFCTexas Health Facilities Commission (Texas Health Planning and Development Act of 1975)
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Results showed that field capacity thFC contained same values of moisture content (32 cm3/cm3) at the depths 0-15, 15-30 and 30-45cm, while other two depths 30-45 and 60-75 cm had thFC equivalent to 30 and 22 cm3/cm3.
To solve the simplest empirical model "power function" for soil WRC (Gao and Liu, 2010), a following linear regression equation was developed by taking ln th/ths verses ln(h) to get thWP, thFC, thAWC etc.
This record new backing builds on a successful partnership with THFC and the EIB's strong track record of providing nearly 2bn for investment in social housing by more than seventy housing associations across the country.
We had already decided as the Trust board that we were actively going to contact the THFC board regarding this special relationship.
Sarah McGuigan, senior executive director of AEG Europe, said: "We chose to work with THFC as we believe that, as a partnership, we can have a stadium tailored to reflect its customer's needs that will be filled week in, week out.
ICRA notes that although the Thirteenth Finance Commission (ThFC) has lowered the inter se share in Union taxes accorded to Andhra Pradesh, the increase in the overall share of States to 32% in the net proceeds of Union taxes and duties and the anticipated buoyancy in Government of India's (GoI's) tax revenues, in conjunction with the considerably higher grants awarded by the ThFC as compared to the award of the Twelfth Finance Commission, is expected to boost GoAP's revenue receipts.
As well as the normal caps, mugs and scarves, there was the unusual sight of a THFC pogo stick.
The 30 year long-term EIB loan will be matched by THFC, and benefit from a government guarantee, and support GBP 2 billion of overall investment in new social housing and urban regeneration schemes by housing association across the country.
With the royal standard flag flying, the plane also had the initials THFC under the wing - Tottenham Hotspur Football Club.
Rejected a strong penalty claim for a foul on Defoe in the early minutes, and inexplicably disallowed a third goal for Spurs for a non-existent offside ATTENDANCE 35,973 FOR THE RECORD This was the third time this season Eriksen has scored a winning goal for Spurs in the final two minutes of a match TOP SHOT Larsson's precision free-kick TOP SAVE Lloris' injury-time stop from Graham which denied Sunderland an equaliser NEXT MATCH Fulham at the Stadium of Light on Saturday (3pm) in the fourth round of the FA Cup MATCH STATS SAFC THFC Shotson 4 8 Shots off 2 7 Corners 6 6 Fouls 8 14 Possession 35% 65%
Piers Williamson, chief executive of THFC, said:"There was an overwhelmingly positive response from Welsh housing associations which means that the Housing Finance corporation has been able to increase the overall allocation to Wales from a targeted pounds 75m to pounds 94.
ATTENDANCE 37,963 FOR THE RECORD O'Shea's own-goal was the fifth in Poyet's eight league games in charge TOP SHOT Johnson's composed finish for the opening goal TOP SAVE Defoe was twice denied by the woodwork in the second half NEXT MATCH West Ham at Upton Park on Saturday (3pm) MATCH STATS SAFC THFC Shotson 4 5 Shots off 5 9 Corners 4 10 Fouls 14 9 Possession 47% 57%