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TAPSThe Atlantic Paranormal Society (New Jersey)
TAPSTragedy Assistance Program for Survivors
TAPSTrans Alaska Pipeline System
TAPSTechnical and Professional Services (Maryland)
TAPSTobacco Advertising, Promotion and Sponsorship
TAPSTeacher Assessment on Performance Standards (education)
TAPSTarapur Atomic Power Station (India)
TAPSTazewell Animal Protective Society (Pekin, IL)
TAPSTotally Automated Personnel System
TAPSTransactions of the American Philosophical Society (publication)
TAPSTexoma Area Paratransit System (Texas)
TAPSTool for Auto-Registered Phones Support (Cisco tool to manage VoIP phones)
TAPSTraining and Performance Support
TAPSTurbulence Auto-PIREP System
TAPSTwo-Axis Pointing System
TAPSTheory and Practice of Software (conference)
TAPSTrans-Atlantic Paranormal Society (forum)
TAPSTechnology Area Plans
TAPSTest Access Paths
TAPSTETRA Advanced Packet Services
TAPSTactical Area Positioning System
TAPSTravel Automated Payment System
TAPSTrajectory Accuracy Prediction System
TAPSTSPI Accuracy Prediction System
TAPSTarget Analysis and Planning System
TAPSTracking and Presentation System (provides an audit trail of budget adjustments)
TAPSTerminal Approach Production System
TAPSTask Force Area Coverage Prediction System
TAPSTowed Acoustic Projector System
TAPSTactical Protective Shelters
TAPSThick As Pig Stuff (polite form)
TAPSTris-Amino-Propanesulfonic Acid
TAPSTechnology Assessment and Planning System
TAPSTactical Assault Planning System
TAPSTerminal Area Positive Separation
TAPSTERCOM Aircraft Positioning System
TAPSTurbo Alternator Power System
TAPSTerminal Applications Processor System
TAPSTowed-Array Broadband Processing System (British)
TAPSTransport, Access, Parking and Servicing (planning scheme; Australia)