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TKVTelekommunikations-Kundenschutzverordnung (Germany: telecommunication customer protection ordinance)
TKVThick Veins
TKVTufts, Kot and Vaccaro (algorithms)
TKVTuks Krygspel Vereniging (Afrikaan: Tuks Wargaming Society; University of Pretoria; South Africa)
TKVTwin Kingdom Valley (Commodore 64 video game)
TKVThe Knitting Vault
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Creakle's face was fiery, and his eyes were small, and deep in his head; he had thick veins in his forehead, a little nose, and a large chin.
One God is above us both...." He lifted his head and again the thick vein in his thin neck filled with blood and the color rapidly came and went in his face.
His report, issued in January 1725, is full of well-focused, interesting facts, among them that (1) a "main shaft" on Harzeburg had reached a depth of 4 meters; (2) the vein on Heiligenberg was thick, but somewhat impure; (3) the old mines on Monchenberg were closed and flooded, although good outcrops of fragmented braunstein were evident; (4) Silberbach had once yielded good ore but now lay dormant; thick veins were present which would bear further investigation.
Polygonocarpum johnsonii is assigned to the Polygonaceae based on the fine fusiform-reticulate venation over the wings, combined with the lack of fimbrial vein and presence of deeply inset intramarginal veins (i.e., a pair of thick veins paralleling the outline of the achene).
1 Contrary to popular opinion, it is not the seeds that are the hottest part of a chilli, but the white pith that surrounds them and runs in thick veins through the pod
The beginning celebrates artistry and power, linking them emblematically in the father's hands, which are not "slender, and white, with tapering fingers" as one might expect, but instead "sinewy lengths of bone and muscle, browned with toil and bearing ridges of thick veins on their backs, which stood out like cord-rope" (10).