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The Financial Strength rating is also maintained at 'BBB-' reflecting the Bank's thin net interest margin, higher cost-to-income ratio, weakened operating and net profitability and average capital adequacy.
Jennifer Bothick, 42, said that up until a few days ago there were thin net curtains at the windows.
The assigned ratings reflects MSPL's stretched financial position, characterised by poor coverage indicators and cash accruals, thin net profit margins owing to low conversion charges and limited operational history.
9Could you please tell me of any shops in the Manchester area where i could buy some really nice lace curtains, as most of them seem to sell thin nets and i don't like blinds.
The University of California, Berkeley team visualized defects and impurities--including atoms of hydrogen (purple peaks)--on graphene, the thin nets of carbon that stack up to form graphite.
The electrostatic system of the correlation spectrometer consists of a multi-section cylinder with very thin nets at the ends.
Unborn babies with deformities (cut arms, deformed skull) are nestled in thin nets as they hang from the ceiling.