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It shows that the thermal dissipation ability of a thin-film resistor depends on the width and length, and on the size of the resistor.
Typical applications are aluminum-copper alloy and refractory-metal microcircuit metallization layers, microcircuit insulation layers, photoconductors and luminescent films for display devices, thin-film resistors and capacitors, solid electrolytes, thin-film lasers, and microcircuit photolithographic mask blanks.
The typical process cross section includes silicon nitride capacitors and passivation, thin-film resistors, airbridge second-metal interconnects and via hole source grounding.
The amplifier's closed-loop gain is set by an array of 16 precision thin-film resistors. At the core of the PGA is a precision 33 MHz CMOS input, rail-to-rail, input/output (RRIO) operational amplifier with a typical open-loop gain of 110 dB.
Maxim Integrated Products has introduced its MAX5490/MAX5491/MAX5492 precision voltage dividers with low temperature drift and two stable thin-film resistors in a three-pin SOT23 package.
While transistors receive the most emphasis, the supporting passive components of the process such as precision thin-film resistors, metal-insulator-metal (MIM) capacitors and low loss inductors often limit product performance.
Thin-film resistors, generally silicon-chromium (SiCr) are laser trimmed during wafer probing to ensure a consistent voltage reference for each capacitor in the CDAC.
The chips are implemented using a low cost silicon bipolar process, which features NPN transistors with an [f.sub.t] of 5 GHz, PNP transistors with an [f.sub.t] of 1 GHz, thin-film resistors, Schottky diodes and capacitors.