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TATSTime and Temperature Sensitive
TATSTotal Army Training System (now The Army Training System)
TATSThe Army Training System (formerly Total Army Training System)
TATSTotally Accurate Tank Simulator (gaming)
TATSTactical Airlift Training Squadron
TATSThink About the Scene (acting)
TATSTactical Armament Turret System
TATSTransportation Aviation Test and Support
TATSTactical Transmission System
TATSTerminal Acceptance Test Station
TATSTowed Array Test Set
TATSTransient-Effect Area Test Signal
TATSTest Access and Testing System (Telcordia)
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It makes me think about the scene from 'Pretty' Woman where the snooty staff scoff at Julia Roberts' attire then she returns the next day to let them know they missed a good sale.
It is best not to think about the scene that confronted ambulance workers, police officers and possibly undertakers who were called to the scene in Digbeth.
And since Saturday evening, Whelan has done everything he can not to think about the scenes he witnessed up close and too personal.