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References in classic literature ?
Next a band of ragged workmen met me, and jostled me boorishly as they passed; upon which nervousness overtook me, and I felt uneasy, and tried hard not to think of the money that was my errand.
Think Of The Money (right) noses ahead of Aristi before winning the mares' novice selling hurdle at Stratford yesterday DAVID DEW
Just think of the money you've wasted by throwing out laddered tights.
The Bright Side: Think of the money to be made renting out basements to hang meat and transforming kitchens into dark rooms.
When I think of the money our country owes I just break out into a sweat How on earth did it happen?
Think of the money they'd save on texts, if nothing else.
Think of the money wasted on that unfinished training.
I just close my eyes and think of the money - Top model Olivia Inge explains how she overcomes her nervousness on the catwalk
Money is short, they are told, but think of the money wasted for example on the assembly building and other drains on the public purse while a worthwhile venture has to struggle.
"I didn't really think of the money, but I think it was the most nervous I've ever been.
Cars are a real weakness - I often think of the money I would have saved if I'd only ever driven Minis!
"It's amazing to think of the money we're just throwing away," says Hugh McKee, the Pru's director of savings.