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TOTBThink Outside the Box
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TOTBThink Outside the Bomb (Conference)
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'I told them (the staff) we will have to work harder, there is a new benchmark and not of the past..we will have to deliver and they will have to think outside the box in order to deliver,' Muhyiddin, a former deputy prime minister, told the press here.
Murad said, "Our basic philosophy will always be to think outside the box, compared to our competition.
"The easiest way to think outside the box is sometimes not knowing what the box looks like or where it is."
These and other accidental discoveries, from corn flakes to antibiotics to the microwave, all bear witness to the same axiom: To leap ahead, you should think outside the box. As in other industries, long-term care has its sacred cows, unexamined ways and hallowed traditions that we would rather not question.
It was making the point that all three have coaches who think outside the box about their work.
Violet considers her older brother and sister who can make money using their talents--jewellery making and busking, however Violet believes such ordinary ways of raising money suit their ordinary dreams but for her dream to come true, she needs to think outside the box! Unfortunately, Violet's first brilliant plan to make her fortune as an archaeologist involves her digging up the garden and her mum is not best pleased!
To think outside the box is not necessarily to go there: his impish, always-lively oeuvre consists of printed pages.
He advised students to open their mind and think outside the box as this would produce new ideas and solutions.
He told a local news station he wasn't trying to force religious beliefs on anyone but just wanted to "think outside the box."
It's now well known that some of the best value wines come from south west France's Languedoc Roussillion region, and there are plenty of surprises if you think outside the box. The other day I grabbed a very inexpensive bottle to take to a meeting, and being a tight old thing I spent little more than a euro on the Corbieres rouge.
Having a working knowledge of how things work allows engineers to think outside the box and to develop designs that not only satisfy the theoretical requirements, but also are usable.
McGuinness (2008) states 'Think outside the box' (TOB) is one of the biggest creativity cliches.