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3GThird Generation
3GThird-Generation Cell-Phone Technology
3GGuns! Guns! Guns! (also seen as 3G3)
3GWatchouse/Counter Duty (police incident code; New Zealand)
3G3rd Generation Wireless Format (UWCC)
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The posterity of Marmaduke did not escape the common lot of those who depend rather on their hereditary possessions than on their own powers; and in the third generation they had descended to a point below which, in this happy country, it is barely possible for honesty, intellect and sobriety to fall.
The building was begun a little less than five hundred years ago, and the third generation hence will not see it completed.
140-155) But when earth had covered this generation also -- they are called blessed spirits of the underworld by men, and, though they are of second order, yet honour attends them also -- Zeus the Father made a third generation of mortal men, a brazen race, sprung from ash-trees (4); and it was in no way equal to the silver age, but was terrible and strong.
The concluding chapter of the book is a meditation on the absence of memory facing the third generation and the replacement of memory with responsibility.
The opening chapter of Third-Generation Holocaust Representation, "On the Periphery: The 'Tangled Roots' of Holocaust Remembrance for the Third Generation," makes a thorough and convincing case for the necessity and value of examining and defining third-generation literature.
'The third generation of the family is being put to trial in false cases.
The new, third generation booking engine uses an innovative development platform to support more flexible searches and increased response times that are 50% faster than the second-generation product.
Qualcomm Technologies Inc., a wholly owned subsidiary of Qualcomm Incorporated (NASDAQ: QCOM), has launched its third generation Qualcomm(R) Snapdragon Automotive Cockpit Platforms, with a new tiered system comprised of Performance, Premiere and Paramount classes for the entry level, mid-tier and super computing platforms, respectively.
New to the third generation Cayenne Turbo is an 'adaptive roof spoiler' that forms one of the components of the car's active aerodynamic adjustments to increase downforce down straight lines, and increase stability and composure in turns.
Third generation steels are one of the ways towards this goal and enable us to serve customers even better, it said.
And now, its third generation is set to become another firm favourite, with its latest version showcasing the very best of what BMW has to offer: luxury, innovation, elegance and superb performance."
The third generation to join the exhibition are Katia's children, George and Loukas Constakopoulou and Maria's daughter Themis Romina -- who is just seven years old.
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