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Front Row (from left): President Phillip Fulmer, University of Tennessee; First Vice President Ken Hatfield, Rice University; Second Vice President Paul Pasqualoni, Syracuse University; Third Vice President Scot Dapp.
Elected first vice president was John Barrows, publisher and editor of the Dillion Tribune, elected second vice president was Mike McInally, editor of the Missoulian and elected third vice president was Jeff Martinsen, publisher of the Choteau Acantha.
Schwarz will be Isuzu's third vice president from GM.
It is stated, Balaram Giri, Laxman Subedi and Ganesh Raj Pahari have been elected as third vice president, general secretary and secretary respectively.
Summary: Jeddah, May 30, 2010, SPA -- The Third Vice President of the Spanish Government Manuel Chaves Gonzalez visited here today Jeddah Chamber of Commerce and Industry where he met the Chamber&'s Vice Chairman Dr.
Other newly elected officers include: Donald Lochard, executive vice president; Thomas Ruedisueli, first vice president; Linda Johnson, second vice president; and Will Barnhart, third vice president.
Other board members include First Vice President Jeff Keane ("The Family Circus"/King), Second Vice President Dave Coverly ("Speed Bump"/Creators Syndicate), Third Vice President Bill Hinds ("Tank McNamara" and "Cleats"/Universal), Membership Chairman Rick Stromoski ("Soup to Nutz"/Newspaper Enterprise Association), Secretary Rick Kirkman ("Baby Blues"/King), Treasurer Bud Grace ("The Piranha Club"/King), and National Representative Greg Evans ("Luann"/United).
Mohammed bin Abdulkarim Al-Essa held a meeting here today with the Third Vice President of the Spanish Government Manuel Chaves Gonzalez who is currently visiting the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.
Eugene Downtown Lions Club installed the following officers at its annual banquet in June: president, Mary Fechtel; first vice president, Craig Ford; second vice president, Bob Stansbury; third vice president, Joy Troutman; secretary, Vic Bender; treasurer, Don Jones; lion tamer, Walt Curtis; and tail twister, Twila Butler.