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Consider two examples of the nuclear weapons world bequeathed to us by the Thirty Years War. On January 23, 1961, a B-52 bomber began falling apart over North Carolina.
Among them are Andrew Sullivan, "The Thirty Years War Brewing in the Middle East," The Sunday Times, December 17, 2006; Spengler, "General Petraeus' Thirty Years War," Asia Times Online, May 4, 2010; Michael T.
At its most basic level, the Thirty Years War was a struggle over the governance of both the Empire and the Habsburg hereditary lands.
But, according to Grayling, Descartes may also have played a role in the Thirty Years War and the Counter Reformation, namely, spying and carrying secret documents for the Jesuits.
To summarize the book's findings: historical narratives about the Thirty Years War minimize or ignore the achievements of female rulers, leaders, and warriors; they reduce historical heroines to their private roles and exoticize mythical figures such as witches and Amazons; invented female characters appear with much greater frequency than historical women.
Since The Art of Renaissance Warfare "is concerned with the changes in warfare that occurred between the fall of Constantinople and the outbreak of the Thirty Years War" (20), it is surprising how little attention is given to the cultural milieu of the period.
Estate revenues naturally played a central role in this strategy, and encouraged seigniorial exploitation of the village population, and in an attempt to restore labor rents to the levels reached prior to the Thirty Years War, Andreas von Kleist imposed a strict and demanding regime on his village subjects.
Germany is the country of Hitler, Auschwitz, Belsen, the Kaiser, Bismarck, Frederick the Great, the Thirty Years War and the Teutonic Knights.
You get the original mix - 16 nations such as Algeria, Saxony, and Portugal and historic conflicts such as the Thirty Years War and the War of the Austrian Succession - but this adds Denmark and Bavaria.
Perhaps the custom of serving a healthy accompaniment of chips came about in part due to the emerging popularity of spuds from the 1570s and 1640s when the Thirty Years War and low yielding crops stifled grain availability and led to widespread famine.
Looking closely at the detailed etchings of Callot's work on the catastrophic effects of the Thirty Years War, Low expands his field of vision to include an examination of his own work, of the role of the artist in wartime, and of the epistemological implications of representational images in Western culture.
Wendy Morris (left) plays Mother Courage and Jacqui Smith is her daughter Kattrin in the play, which deals with a peasant woman and her family during the Thirty Years War of the 17th century.