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ARC Group Worldwide (NasdaqCM:ARCW) revealed on Thursday that it has developed a new, proprietary Thixomolding process that strategically leverages its industry leading expertise in magnesium injection molding and proven metallurgical knowledge to create the next generation of Thixomolding.
The material also yields good surface properties from Thixomolding and has platability characteristics similar to those of zinc, which improves finishing economy.
Although Thixomolding has seen its greatest growth in the consumer electronics market, other applications are being found for notebook computers, mobile telephones, digital projectors, automotive parts, digital cameras, office equipment, and portable electric hand tools, among a host of others.
To make a composite part, magnesium is placed in a thixomolding machine, which is operated by one person, and then transferred to the die cavity of a plastic injection molding machine, where it is overmolded with a plastic part.
The five programs are die-casting R&D, rapid prototyping, machining, joining, and thixomolding of magnesium.
A hybrid of plastic injection molding and metal diecasting, Thixomolding makes near-net shape parts with minimal porosity--and without molten metal processing.
Various specialty casting processes, namely rheocasting, thixomolding and semi-solid squeeze casting, have been producing the alloy formulations for years.
Japanese supplier of injection molds for precision optical parts for cameras, computers and office equipment, cellular phones, auto parts, multi-material molding, insert molding, and magnesium thixomolding.
Thixomolding [TM] process for net shape magnesium casting without molten metal, USP Inc, Ann Arbor, MI, circle 285.
shipped its first Thixomolding machine to the Lindberg Corp.
the developer of the Thixomolding injection molding process.
Similar to plastic injection molding, thixomolding takes advantage of the flow and fill characteristics exhibited by partially molten metals.