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THORRTrue Hearts of Rottweiler Rescue
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A logging horse on the Hafod Estate near Aberystwyth, Thorr is the first horse in 60 years to live in the estate's stables, after they were transformed as part of a project to restore one of Europe's finest examples of the "picturesque" landscape.
Knowledge of the Germanic gods in late Anglo-Saxon and Transitional times was no longer based solely on the Old English forms, and so it is reasonable to suppose that some names originally from OE Thunor may have been influenced by ON Thorr. This seems particularly plausible since, as Professor Stanley goes on to comment, 'there may be an element of religious fear in naming the pagan god as presiding over the lea where one lives, unless one gives him a name such as he would have had among the Scandinavians'.
The lineup was locked in with Motorhead, Misfits, Airbourne, Valient Thorr, and Year Long Disaster.