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MCFPDThousand Cubic Feet per Day
MCFPDMillion Cubic Feet per Day (measurement; also seen as MMCFPD, MCFD and MCF/D)
MCFPDMason County Fire Protection District (Grapeview, WA)
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As reported, the initial maximum flow rate, which was observed shortly after oil flow was established, was 1,040 barrels of oil per day (bopd) and 1,850 thousand cubic feet per day (Mcfd) of natural gas and the average flow rate over the subsequent 12 hours was 780 bopd and 1,700 Mcfd of natural gas.
The stabilized daily flow rate over that five-day interval comprises 130 to 135 barrels of (40 to 42 API degree) oil per day with 400 to 420 thousand cubic feet per day of natural gas (65 to 70 barrels of oil equivalent per day) plus 55 to 60 barrels of water per day with a flowing well head pressure of approximately 1,045 pounds per square inch.
The fourth and fifth wells are now on line for over 30 days, with average production rates of 203 thousand cubic feet per day (Mcf/d) and 360Mcf/d, respectively.
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