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TKWThousand Kernel Weight
TKWTenaga Kerja Wanita (Indonesian: Women’s Labor)
TKWTotal Known Weight (also seen as Total Known Mass; meteorite measurement)
TKWThe Klingon Way (book)
TKWTechniczny Koszt Wytworzenia (Polish: Technical Production Cost)
TKWThe Known World
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Regarding, the Agricultural characters, the thousand kernel weight is a major character of the yield components, the results of this parameter for the four genotypes are varied according to the changing climate conditions in two agricultural companions (Fig 1,2; Table 2).
The date of heading which represents a positive and significant correlation with the agricultural variables studied, which are the speak weight (SW), the biomass (BIO), a Thousand kernel weight (TKW) and the grain yield the coefficients correlations are R=0, 66**; R=0, 67**; R=0, 69**and R=0, 62**respectively.
On the other hand, some parameters decreased with the higher N rates, including the test weight and the thousand kernel weight (TKW), which was also found by Penckowski et al.
1]), on the thousand kernel weight (TKW, g), on moist gluten content (%), on flour extraction (%) and on the color [b.
The whole wheat flour was evaluated for physical properties in terms of thousand kernel weight, moisture, wet gluten and dry gluten, chemical properties in terms of crude protein, fat, fiber, ash and starch and flour quality characteristics in terms of falling number, water absorption, dough development time, dough stability, mixing tolerance index and softening of dough according to their respective methods as given below.
Despite their ability to minimize the effect of the source limitation on kernel weight, G3 group of genotypes could not maintain a high grain yield, essentially because of their inherent low thousand kernel weight and low kernels per spike which classified them as low yielding genotypes (Table 6, Figure 2).
It has been reported that Nitroxin has the most effect on thousand kernel weight, plant dry weight, and shoot weight of Chickpea [21].
The relationship between the two main yield components, kernel number per square meter (KN) and thousand kernel weight (TKW), can be helpful for diagnosing yield-limiting factors.
Baril (1992) reported that thousand kernel weight (TKW) within a genotype was positively associated with agronomic yield.
2], but did not influence thousand kernel weights (TKW).
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