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If it were buying water for plant operations from the city of Corpus Christi, it would pay about $40,000 per month for the first 10 million gallons of water used and only $2.20 per thousand gallons over that -- or $40,200 per day.
A thousand gallons of formaldehyde were used to begin preservation.
Six thousand gallons of spent nuclear fuel could take I-81 to get to its destination, and I-81 goes directly through downtown Syracuse.
The Brattleboro Public Works superintendent notified the DEC in March 2015 that Aaron Septic and Drain also failed to pay for several thousand gallons of septage waste it delivered to the Brattleboro wastewater treatment facility during 2013.
And the center, which bought about fifty-seven thousand gallons of heating oil a year, hasn't bought any since 2012.
Under the terms of the agreement, the supply programme is expected to begin with railcar quantities of isobutanol (a railcar holds approximately 28-29 thousand gallons).
A food processing facility might pay as little as $0.75 per thousand gallons at the meter at the front of the processing plant, but it may pay as much as $15.00 per thousand gallons surcharge to the municipal wastewater treatment plant for disposal of that water.
Gevo had articulated a goal of reaching isobutanol production levels of 50-100 thousand gallons per month by the end of 2014.
Imad Abu Al Laban, RCA director in Gaza, said the organisation has so far distributed 3,000 food baskets, 3,000 aid kits, 3,000 cloth packets, and a thousand gallons of mineral water.
As part of its sustainability activities, Pintuco last year provided several thousand gallons of paint for a community of houses on a hillside slum in Medellin, and at other sites with historic architecture.
Water/sewer rates are soaring from $17.05 per thousand gallons in San Francisco to $29.20 in Atlanta.
Two days after the explosion, 21 cars of an 118-car train carrying heavy Canadian crude oil and propane derailed 36 miles northeast of Pittsburgh, spilling several thousand gallons of fuel.
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