THRAThyroid Hormone Receptor, Alpha
THRATasmanian Historical Research Association (Australia)
THRATang Hall Resident Association (MIT residential apartments)
THRAToledo Home Remodelers Association (Ohio)
THRATurkish Human Rights Association (Turkey)
THRAThyroid Hormone-Releasing Activity
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Emperor SkekSo rules over Thra with an iron claw, aided by scheming chamberlain SkekSil.
Emperor SkekSo (voiced by Jason Isaacs) rules over Thra with an iron claw, aided by scheming chamberlain SkekSil (Simon Pegg).
In the series, the world of Thra is dying, and the Crystal of Truth has been damaged by the evil Skeksis.
SIGLA FUNDO 01 AEFI AESAPAR 02 BBFI BB Progressivo 03 BBPO BB Progressivo II 04 BBRC BB Renda Corporativa 05 HGBS CSHG Brasil Shopping 06 HGJH CSHG JHSF Prime Offices 07 HGLG CSHG Logistica 08 HGRE CSHG Real Estate 09 VRTA Fator Verita 10 FAED Anhanguera Educacional 11 BRCR BTG Pactual Corporate Office 12 FEXC BTG Pactual Fundo de CRI 13 BCFF BTG Pactual Fundo de Fundos 14 FCFL Campus Faria Lima 15 CNES CENESP 16 CEOC Cyrela Commercial Properties 17 THRA Cyrela Thera Corporate 18 FLRP Floripa Shopping 19 NSLU Hospital Nossa Senhora de Lourdes 20 HTMX Hotel Maxinvest 21 MAXR Max Retail 22 PQDP Parque Dom Pedro Shopping Center 23 PRSV Presidente Vargas 24 JRDM Shopping Jardim Sul 25 ALMI Torre Almirante 26 AGCX Agencias Caixa 27 BBVJ BB Votorantim JHSF Cidade Jardim Cont.
In the mutation analysis, a novel de novo p.G291S heterozygous mutation in the THRA gene was detected.
The THRA gene is expressed in cardiac and skeletal tissues, THRB splice variant 1 is expressed in brain, liver, and kidney, and THRB splice variant 2 is expressed in the hypothalamus and the pituitary.
PNN UFree Network to defend the rights of Palestinian prisoners in Israeli jails expresses its deep sorrow and grief over the death of former Palestinian prisoner Ashraf Abu Thra'.
A thra aeth y mab i sesiwn Stwnsh a chael y siawns i stwnshio Bardd Plant Cymru, sleifiais i''r Ystafell Fwyta i wrando ar 'Datblygu a''r Sn Gerddoriaeth Gymraeg''.
Thra t'coorners of his crafty een he sooin saw 'at he'd been seen bi t'mistress an' her sarvant lass an then he started nibblin' t'grass.
The Training Human Rights Association for Afghanistan (THRA) chief, Roshan Seran said civil society representatives had taken up the issue of women rights in Afghanistan with the UN Secretary-General Ban Ki-moon on the sidelines of the conference.
A number of elite Arab artists to be honored including Kuwaiti artist Hayat al-Fahd, the late Algerian artist al-Arabi Zakal and artist Shafya bu Thra'.
ITALIAN GP (Monza, September9): A McLaren one-two for the fourth time this season as Ferrari are thra she don home soil.