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TPITeeth Per Inch
TPITitleist Performance Institute (golf)
TPITreads per Inch (tires)
TPITuned Port Injection
TPIThreads Per Inch
TPIThird Party Insurance
TPITribunal Pénal International (French: International Criminal Tribunal; Netherlands)
TPITracks Per Inch
TPITravel Planners International (Maitland, FL)
TPITransport Information Item
TPITravel Professionals International (Canada)
TPITranspacific Industries Group Ltd. (Australia)
TPITruss Plate Institute
TPITest Process Improvement
TPIThird Party Interface (software)
TPITotal Personal Income
TPITurkish Patent Institute (Turkey)
TPITurfgrass Producers International
TPIThird-Party Inspection
TPITillotson-Pearson, Inc. (now TPI Composites)
TPITrigger Point Injection
TPIThermoplastic Polyimide
TPITribunale Penale Internazionale (International Court of Justice, The Netherlands)
TPITimber Products Inspection (Conyers, GA; est. 1969)
TPITurning Point, Inc. (Safety Harbor, FL)
TPITurns Per Inch (machining and welding)
TPITarget Position Indicator (US Navy)
TPITwisted Pair Interface (electronic components)
TPIThird-Party Intermediaries
TPITender Price Index
TPITotal Positive Income
TPITwo Person Integrity
TPIThéatre de la Photographie et de l'Image (French: Theater of Photography and Image)
TPITitre au Porteur Identifiable (French: Identifiable Title Bearer; finance)
TPITons Per Inch Immersion
TPITechnology Partnership Initiative (UK)
TPITap Position Indicator (EMCO; electronics)
TPITeam Première Infanterie (French: Team First Infantry; online gaming clan)
TPITerminal Phase Initiation
TPITransistorized Pointless Ignition (motorcycles)
TPITsutsunaka Plastic Industry (Japan)
TPITechnical Proposal Instructions
TPITest Program Instruction
TPITrading Partner Interchange (e-business software)
TPITelecom Plus International
TPIThrottle Position Indicator (automobile electronic sensor)
TPITime-Provider Interface
TPITotal Performance Indicator
TPITableau Pédagogique Interactif (French: Interactive Learning Table)
TPITechnical Points of Interest
TPITechnology Policy International
TPITelecom Performance Index
TPITail-Plane Incidence
TPITanzania Pharmaceutical Industry Ltd
TPITradepoint International (World Trade and Industry Organization)
TPITelemarketing Professionals, Inc.
TPITransportability Problem Item
TPITilted Plate Interceptor (separates oil from contaminated water - oil refineries)
TPITemporary Program of Instruction
TPITest Planning Integration
TPITechnical/Technician Proficiency Inspection
TPITRADOC Procurement Instruction
TPITransport Service Programmers Interface
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I turned the last .700" of my muzzle down to 5/8" (.625") and then set my lathe up to cut 24 threads per inch. While I prefer to lathe cut my muzzle threads, you may be able to use a die and hand-held die holder to cut your threads.
Earlier I mentioned that the bushings have a very fine thread, 60 threads per inch. These fine threads can be stripped with just a modest amount of pressure.
The cartridge needle valve allows precise flow control due to 56 threads per inch adjustment and three degree taper of the needle.
A normal factory Winchester barrel thread is .812" diameter and 20 threads per inch. This rifle was now .845" diameter and 9 threads per inch.
The bedding business has been in a thread-count war for 20 years, but did you ever see a single ad, promotion or packaging line that declared, "Now 300 threads per inch, 50 percent more than 200s?" Or tri-clad cookware that touted why it's better than two-clad?
Once the bracket is adjusted to the correct position for engine shut-off, torque the jam nuts against each other to 6 lb-ft as shown in Appendix E, Table E-1, for a grade-2 dry fastener 1/4-in by 28 threads per inch.
Spiralock makes threads as small as #0-80 (80 threads per inch) as well as double lead threads, which spin on twice as fast with every rotation to decrease time in surgery.
In this stole, both figure and background are cross-stitched on fine linen with 27 threads per inch, making over 250,000 stitches on the stole.
Measuring 3.75 x 4.75 in., and can be ordered with either screw or micrometer adjustment in 40, 80 or 100 threads per inch. Micrometers are available with either 0.001-in, or 0.01mm resolution.
A 1-1/4[inches], six threads per inch, 20[inches] long screw is more than adequate.
"Generally, solid wood screws have 14 threads per inch while particleboard screws need 8 to 10 threads per inch.
The bolt size is measured by: the width in inches of the bolt diameter and the number of threads per inch (e.g.