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The Muslim leaders discussed a breadth of critical issues, ranging from a spike in tensions in the Persian Gulf, to Palestinian statehood, the plight of Rohingya refugees and the growing threat of Islam phobia.
"We will continue to sound the alarm that the United States of America should wake up to the real threat of Islam."
In the speech titled "Americans Deserve Borders," Milo spoke about illegal immigrants, the hijab and what he called the threat of Islam to the country.
The political scientist Justin Gest recently surveyed white Americans on whether they would support a party committed to "stopping mass immigration, providing American jobs to American workers, preserving America's Christian heritage, and stopping the threat of Islam." Sixty-five percent said yes.
The western media, for the most part forgetting something called ethics in journalism, liberally cascaded its pages and airways with the ominous threat of Islam.
With the collapse of the Soviet Union, the West discarded the threat of communism and adopted the threat of Islam in its place.
Besides, containing the perceived threat of Islam has always been an important consideration in certain quarters.
The topics include a 1455 letter from Juan de Segovia to Jean Germain on countering the threat of Islam, Akbar and House of Religious Assembly in early modern India, violence and the state in 16th-century France, accommodation on the Transylvanian frontier of Christian Europe, a Sino-European religious conflict in the Philippines in 1640, and Roman Catholic conservatism in a new North Atlantic world 1760-1829.
In February, he invited me to a meeting in the Bronx, New York, to make a presentation about the threat of Islam to the United States.
The information was reported Tuesday by the Member of the Parliament from the Movement for Rights and Freedoms (DPS) party, Korman Ismailov, saying they want to know who has alerted the National Agency for State Security (DANS) about any potential threat of Islam extremist movements spreading in Bulgaria and grounds for alleged evidence for the existence of such cells.
The Great Jihad: How Islam and the Left Sabotage America offers a survey of the threat of Islam, which has collaborated with the American left to undermine U.S.
Cruel And Usual Punishment is a warning to the First World, which she calls the West, about the threat of Islam. She bluntly declares, "Islam must be contained, and its tumultuous and destructive lifestyle must be prevented from spilling over and becoming a power in the West." What makes Islam so dangerous?
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