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VTHVeterinary Teaching Hospital (various universities)
VTHThreshold Voltage
VTHVendor to Hub
VTHVerband der Teigwarenhersteller und Hartweizenmühlen Deutschlands (Berlin, Germany)
VTHVeterans Transition House (New Bedford, MA)
VTHVirtual Tape Handler
VTHVibration Time History
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[mu] is the carrier mobility, [C.sub.ox] is the gate-oxide capacitance, [V.sub.t] = [KT/q] is the thermal voltage, K is the Boltzmann constant, T is the absolute temperature, q is the elementary charge, [V.sub.th] is the threshold voltage of the MOSFET, and n is the sub-threshold slope factor.
Osaka [Japan], Feb 23 ( ANI ): Consumer electronics leader Panasonic on Friday announced that they have developed an insulated-gate gallium nitride (GaN) power transistor, capable of continuous stable operation with no variation in its threshold voltage.
We can know from the solution to the Poisson's Equation that the threshold voltage of a dual gate MOSFET is dominated by the gate work function (GWF) and the silicon body thickness.
The increased incident power results in increased losses due to the harmonics; thus, there is a trade-off between the harmonic generation, parasitic effects, reverse breakdown voltage, and the threshold voltage as shown in Figure 6 [6].
The following process parameters have been changed within Monte Carlo simulations: carrier mobility, threshold voltage (for the source-to-bulk voltage VSB = 0), body effect coefficient, and channel length modulation coefficient of all MOSFETs, as well as the resistances [R.sub.1], [R.sub.2], and [R.sub.REF].
The threshold of the transistor becomes the function of the gate voltage and we can obtain high threshold voltage at zero bias, low threshold voltage at [V.sub.GS]=[V.sub.DD].
As the bus is charging, it will exceed the threshold voltages of each section and hence, that section will short-circuit its solar array, reducing the supply of current to the bus and therefore the main capacitor charge slope.
Threshold voltage likewise hinge on numerous device parameters (gate width, gate overlap, gate length, biased bulk, temperature, etc.) and process technology limitations ([C.sub.ox], [T.sub.ox], doping concentration, etc.), making the definition and extraction extrastrenuous [8].
AE events were detected with four threshold voltages (100, 200, 400 and 800 mV) to detect more number of AE events in fluctuate noise level environment during FSW.
As with the previous configuration, the source and bulk are tied together (preventing the threshold voltage changing due to the body effect).
The resistivity of the material used in a device can affect its characteristics, such as the series resistance, threshold voltage, and capacitance.