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TTTrinidad & Tobago (top-level domain)
TTTourist Trophy (Isle of Man)
TTTitle (assembly language ASM51 assembler control)
TTTwin Turbo
TTThe Truth
TTTable Tennis
TTTravel Trailer
TTTom Tom (drums)
TTThe Thing (John Carpenter movie)
TTTea Time
TTTable Top (model railroad scale, 2.5mm = 1 ft. in USA, or 3mm = 1 ft. UK)
TTTalk To
TTTake That (band)
TTTop Ten
TTTransport Tycoon (game)
TTTransit Time (logistics)
TTTotal Time (aviation)
TTThermaltake (PC cooling industry)
TTTelegraphic Transfer (funds)
TTTexas Tech (University)
TTTry This
TTTravel Time
TTTeen Titans (cartoon)
TTTest Track (Disney attraction)
TTThe Titans (game)
TTToyota Tercel
TTTrueType (Microsoft font)
TTTina Turner (singer)
TTTechnology Transfer
TTTo Taste (recipes)
TTToon Town (cartoons)
TTTim Tebow (football)
TTTag Team
TTTurbo Tax (software)
TTThoroughbred Times (newsletter)
TTTank Top (shipbuilding)
TTTow Truck
TTTurk Telekom (Turkey)
TTTrustee (IRB)
TTTool Time
TTThe Trenches (gaming, Half-Life modification)
TTTreatment Technique
TTTrouble Ticket
TTTenure Track (academics)
TTThirsty Thursday
TTThe Two Towers (second Lord of the Rings movie)
TTTrailer Trash
TTTwo Towers (second Lord of the Rings movie)
TTTitle Tag (HTML)
TTTelegraphic Transfer
TTTorah Tidbits (weekly publication)
TTTriple Threat (Prince tennis racket)
TTTetanus Toxoid
TTTractor Trailer
TTTriple Threat (WWE match)
TTTaco Time (various locations)
TTTiny Tim (entertainer)
TTTelephone Terminal
TTTransition Town (sustainability project community; various locations)
TTTypewriter Text
TTTravel & Tourism
TTTroubled Teen
TTTokai Tokyo (financial group; Japan)
TTTidningarnas Telegrambyrå (Swedish National News Agency)
TTTrending Topic (Twitter)
TTThree Towns (beer)
TTTemperature Transducer
TTTiny Toons (TV Show)
TTText-Telephone (TTY is preferred)
TTTotal Tackles (football stat)
TTTribe Twelve
TTTranscription and Translation
TTtimed text
TTThrombin Time
TTTriple Tube
TTTwitter Trend
TTTeam Talk (web forum)
TTTuring Test (Artificial Intelligence)
TTTotus Tuus (Latin: All Yours; chiefly religious)
TTTest Temperature
TTTampa Tribune (Tampa, FL newspaper)
TTTwelve Tribes (Twelve Tribes of Israel)
TTTarget Text
TTTemple Terrace (Florida city)
TTTalking Time (call center)
TTTechnical Translation
TTTemperature Transmitter
TTTimmy Turner (cartoon character)
TTTerrestrial Time
TTTransaction Time (call center)
TTTarget Tracking
TTTriple Time
TTTorpedo Tube(s)
TTTemperament Tested
TTTotal Temperature
TTTheaterTek (media player)
TTTechnology Transition
TTTask Type
TTThrust Termination
TTTurn Time
TTTransition Technologies
TTTails-Tails (possible outcome for flipping a coin twice)
TTTerminal Transfer
TTTreatment Team
TTTemporary Total Disability (Ohio Bureau of Workers' Compensation)
TTTechnological Turbulence
TTTri-Tone (music)
TTTraveling Time
TTTimo Tolkki (band)
TTTriple Triad (card game)
TTTube Trailer
TTTelephone Technician
TTTatarian (language identifier; RFC 3066)
TTTank Table
TTThrough Tubing
TTTrunk Type
TTTime Trial(s) (racing/sporting events)
TTTrenton Thunder (minor leauge baseball)
TTTreasure Trooper
TTThornton Tomasetti (structural engineering company)
TTTheutates Thunder (gaming)
TTTownsend Thoresen (UK ferry company)
TTTwin Tub
TTThurn and Taxis (prominent German family)
TTTranstejo (Lisbon ferry company)
TTTokyo Toshokan
TTTitan Tower (TV show)
TTThigh Toner (strength-building exercise)
TTTube Turns
TTTranslation Types
TTTuberculin Tested (cattle)
TTTactical Terminals
TTTorrential Tribute (Yugioh cards)
TTTrenton Titans (minor league hockey)
TTTriTube (French)
TTTyson Tomko (WWE wrestler)
TTThirty-Two Thirty-Two (Atari computers)
TTTroyTech (Troy High School; Fullerton, CA)
TTTransmit Tip
TTTula Tokareva (Russian pistol)
TTTrinidadian Dollar
TTTransfer Tree
TTTransiTALK (website)
TTTundra Times (newspaper)
TTTopical Time (publication, American Topical Association)
TTTroop Test
TTTracking Technician
TTTandem Turn
TTTeatro Technicus
TTTodo-O-Terreno (4x4) (Portuguese: All terrain)
TTTactical Tables
TTDCS/Technical Training (USAF)
TTTrailing Tire
TTTechnical Test/ing
TTTrusted Territories
TTTaxi Tran
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14,6 [+ or -] 1,1 Prothrombin time (s) 25,3 [+ or -] 1,2 Thrombin time (s) 48,0 [+ or -] 1,1 Free heparin (s) 9,3 [+ or -] 0,3 Antithrombin III (s) 45,3 [+ or -] 3,5 Fibrinogen (g/liter) 1,9 [+ or -] 0,2 Total euglobulin fibrinolysis (min) 20,0 [+ or -] 0,0 Hageman-dependent fibrinolysis (min) 320,0 [+ or -] 0,0 Ethanol sample 10 (-) Protamine sulfate sample 10(-) After infiltration of layer (fraction) Indications [OFXG.
Monitoring direct thrombin inhibitors with a plasma diluted thrombin time.
Love JE, Ferrell C, Chandler WL Monitoring directthrombin inhibitors with a plasma diluted thrombin time.
Regarding the statement in the safety section, about plant coumarins and potential interactions with warfarin and aspirin, I offer a synopsis of a pharmacology study (3) completed in Germany: At oral doses of 10, 75, and 500 mg/kg per day for 2 weeks, the liquid herbal drug preparation 7630 did not influence the thromboplastin time (TPT), the partial TPT (PTPT), or thrombin time (TT) in rats.
Measurements included complete blood count (CBC); platelets; PT; activated partial thromboplastin time (APTT); fibrinogen (clottable, immunological); coagulation factors II, V, VII, VIII, IX, X, XI, XII; anti-thrombin (AT); alpha-2 antiplasmin (AP); Protein C (PC); mixing studies; lupus anticoagulant screening; plasminogen; thrombin-anti-thrombin; fibrin degradation products (FDP); d-dimer; and thrombin time.
No effect on thromboplastin time (TPT), partial TPT (PTPT) or thrombin time (TT) was observed after oral administration of EPs[R] 7630 (10, 75, 500mg/kg) for 2 weeks, while treatment with warfarin (0.
The test of choice for dabigatran is the dilute thrombin time, whereas for rivaroxaban and apixaban, it is the anti-factor Xa assay calibrated for these drugs (50).